Relax With Uno Flip

A Board Game For All Generations

You’ve all heard of the board game Uno. Many of you are very happy to play it. Now there is a new board game, Uno flip. You can find out everything about this game at uno flip rules.

As Uno is played, so is Uno flip, the main difference is that the deck of cards for Uno flip has a light side and a dark side of cards. The game always starts with the light side of the card, however as soon as someone plays a Flip card, the entire deck is turned to the dark side, as are all the cards in the player’s hand. At that moment, the game turns from the light side to the dark side.

Uno Flip Rules

The dark side has much harsher punishments than the light side. The game continues with the dark side of the cards until one of the players plays the Flip card again. It is a sign that the dark side is being replaced by the light side of the cards again. You must not forget that the entire deck turns to the bright side, as well as the cards in the hands of all players. And so the game continues, the cards are alternately turned from light side to dark side, dark side to light side, until one of the players plays the last card from his hand and thereby ends the given round.

The player who discards all the cards from his hand first gets points for the cards left in the hands of the other players. It is very important whether the round ended on the dark side of the card or on the light side of the card, because points are also awarded based on that. Points are accumulated from round to round, and the end of the game is when the first player reaches 500 points. Then it’s game over.

If you want to know a lot more about the rules of Uno flip, one click on uno flip rules is enough. Read all the rules and start this game.

Relax With Uno Flip
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